118 East 4th St, Loveland CO, USA - Phone (970) 278 9888

Welcome To Burk's Tavern

Locally Owned and operated since 2007.

Tired of the normal drudge of business life, owner Brandon decided to do something different. With the help of a few great friends, he opened what is now Burk's Tavern. From that point on, he has never looked back.

Burk's offers a great atmosphere throughout the year. From the NFL Sunday Ticket during the football season, digital jukebox for music, to even the foosball table in the front, Burk's offers a little bit of everything for a person needing to get out and have a good time.

The true atmosphere at Burk's must be experienced not explained, and like everyone else, you will be back again and again! It's where the regular's are friends and the newcomers are treated like friends as well!